Thursday, October 4, 2018

Thank you!

I want to pause for a second and Thank God, my family, friends and co-workers for the amazing month of September 2018. 
For those of you who are wondering what's going on, September is my birthday month and some awesome things happened this year.  I completed 10 yrs with Amazon, I got promoted to Principal TPM and I also bought a new home in Seattle! All in all I have nothing to complain and everything to be grateful about! September 2018 will always be special in my life (after my wedding day of course!)
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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Observations in the waiting hall

Yet another day at the airport. My ears plugged with Seinheisers and my eyes staring into the HTC. In front of me is the gate to my flight. The waiting area is in the middle of the duty free shopping area. Most of these shops are usually empty with the sales folks close to falling asleep out of boredom. For whatever reason, this airport is busy as a bee. Every shop filled with customers. Every billing counter with a queue.

As I continue to wonder, I randomly look around to take a glance at my fellow travelers; everybody drowned into their gadgets. Paati and Tata looking into their iPad and scrolling through pictures of thanksgiving feast their kids had back in the US. The uncle with a football sized paunch looking into his over-sized Samsung phone. The suited gentleman with salt n pepper hair busily typing into his Blackberry. The dude with bright yellow t-shirt and red shoes mildly head banging with his large white iball headphones. To be fair, I am sure there is somebody else noticing me tap away to glory on my phone. To sum it all up - Typical crowd :)

The gate is now filled with indigo employees preparing for boarding. A group of women wearing blue uniforms, a hat and a hard-to-miss blue neck accessory walk-in. All of them were 3" taller than their original height, thanks to their blue heels :). Each of them masked in fat layers of foundation and kajal. And to complete the look, their hair tied up and soaked in hair spray. Don't get me wrong here, I appreciate the effort which went into looking neat and well groomed. I just don't seem to understand the logic behind getting all dressed up for a job which requires a lot of running around. Why couldn't they just show up in a Kurta and leggings or probably a T-shirt and cotton pants matched with crocs? Am sure one can look pretty good in that attire and can do the job in much more comfort. Me as a passenger would not mind it either.

I snap out of that train of thought when the PA indicated that my flight was ready to board. I pick up my stuff and proceed towards the gate. In my head, I still haven't rationalized the reason behind the need to look like you were going to catwalk. However, as with any other random thought, I leave it unresolved and go back to my play list.

All in all - 2 hours of waiting time well spent ;)