Thursday, October 28, 2010

There is...

There is an un-riped cherry on my nose
There is moist in my eyes and a change in my voice
There is a small pain in the grey cells and my body feels warmer than before
There is something running faster than my blood inside me..

OK! Stop imagining - I was talking about my cold and running nose!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's just a movie!

I like to save myself from controversies, so the disclaimer comes first!
This post just projects my point of view and is not meant to hurt your feelings or fanaticism.

There is this hype in the air. The hype is so overwhelming, that I feel choked! The hype is so strong that it irritates. The hype is so idiotic that it makes me write this.Actually, These days everything seems to be hyped up; CWG, Ayodhya Verdict, Malaika paid more than Sonakshi for an item number and then Rajini in Robot! Yeah, you got me right, what's with the Robot? People!!! its just a freaking movie. The whole of South India seems to have gone upside down since the day Rajini announced Robot release!
I have been a victim of Chandramukhi and Sivaji and I am not one of those blind die hard fans who is going to buy a ticket for this Robot! Yes, I know that most of you who are reading this are not part of my coterie and I feel sorry for you! Any film critic who rates the movie 2/5 is said to be a Kamal fan. How sad is that :-(. So, basically all you want to hear is awesome, super hit, Rajini's gift to God, The ultimate movie ever made - otherwise you are going to behave deaf and blind! So tell me, why is the world so mesmerized by this movie? It is surely not one of those out-of-the-world Avatar type masterpieces. Nor is it any of those witty 3 Idiots kinds. The answer is simple, it's a "RAJINI" Movie. There are folks ready to pay 800 bucks for a 1st row seat, and 400 bucks for just standing in front of the 1st row seat! I rather spend that money elsewhere!

Like I already said, Its just a movie after all, so Chill guys :)