Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last year this day...

Last year this day it was Eid!
Last year this day I had no ID card, no car parking slot in 3rd floor @ work
Last year this day I looked around at my office and didn't know a single soul
Last year this day I pressed "4" instead of "8" in the office lift
Last year this day I got introduced to Subash, Krish and Preethi
Last year this day my new manager took me out for lunch!
Last year this day my Old manager made sure I was fine!
Last year this day, I made History!
Last year this day, I decided to work hard and have fun too!
Last year this day I joined @ Chennai!

Amazon-ing for a year now...Wow!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost + found

As kids, almost all of us have lost ourselves in a crowd and have cried until you found your family. I am no different! I have had my share of the so called "Lost+found" incident.

I don't remember at what age I was, but I was pretty small enough to get attracted to all the small "ice cream on wheels" guys at the Marina beach. It was a normal weekend where the family decided to chill out at the beach late in the evening with some family friends. We were a small gang sitting on a bed spread and playing games with mommy. Dad volunteered to buy us some roasted bhutta (corn) and like a tail, I followed him wherever he went. It was past sunset and the lighting at the beach was very low, so visibility was very bad. I mistook some other person as my dad and kept following him. The guy was walking very fast and was heading towards the car park. I had no clue why my dad was running so fast and I kept calling for him with my soft and sweet voice (wink) "Daddy!". It was at the car park that i realized that I was following the wrong "Daddy" and found myself lost. I kept looking for every cart which sold corn and was searching for dad until I got distracted by an ice cream wala and started to pester him to give me a cup of ice cream. Funny part here is, I completely forgot that I was lost! I don't know what happened next, but all I remember is, mom had finally spotted me and hugged me tight and I was back home safe and sound :)

P.S - Thanks to Vasu for reminding me of this incident during lunch :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In a triangle

Before you start getting ideas and start digging your non-existent Grey matter, let me tell you that this is not a "Love triangle" story. I am thankful that I am away from it for my own good.

So what triangle is this one? no it's none of those mathematical triangles and I am not venting out the after effects of a problem solving interview either. I am not talking about any of the prisms or pyramids which exist in this world. I just have a simple problem with no solution, a triangle of FRIENDS!

For some reason, I am always a part of a trio where I am the least needed! This is not new to me, and by now I should have got used to this trend of friendship, but some how the senti-mental me keeps clinging on to those nodes of the triangle. From school, to college, to work I see patterns of this triangle existent in my life and now finally it's time to not be a part of it and find friends of my own.

If this didn't make any sense to you, don't worry. As I always say "You are not sane if you are not as insane as me" - you are not yet sane and you would not understand the point I am trying to make. And if you do, you are either a victim of this triangle or know the pain I go through for being in one!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Change is constant...

There has been quiet a few changes happening in and around me for the past 6 months and I guess its time to make a note of it :) (wonder who it would benefit!)

So here it goes...

First and the most obvious...ok ok ok..relax, don't jump. I know you already have the right answer. The first change is the "SIZE". I would like to thank all my friends and acquaintances for being nice to me and very kindly complementing on the increase in size as a "sign for happiness". I got the point! I have put on some fat here and there and it has started to show pretty obviously to the outside world!..grumph!

Second one, the black chain on my neck! My mom was very surprised that I managed to wear a choker for 4 hours at my wedding reception, the reason being, iam allergic to whatever strangles my neck! Now she is more than surprised to see the black beed chain round my neck 24 hours and Iam not complaining! I have hardly let this chain part from my neck so far :) I guess Grand-mother-in-law made it anti-allergic ;)

Third one, my hair :) ...ok i know what you are thinking "Whats with the hair?" hehehe. The change is, i have never had the patience to grow my hair for a long time. The last time i had long hair was in school and after that i wud either have a boy cut or shoulder length hair. This time its grown beyond that and I am happy with myself for not chopping it off for more than a year now... Ahem..wait until i lose patience and show up with a boy cut one fine day ;)

Fourth, my eating habits :)) well this change was obvious and welcomed! Being a typical gujju I had a little difficuly in adapting to the rise of spice levels after wedding. But thanks to my very understanding in-laws, they brought down the spice levels at home so that I can eat more and cry less (lol). Now I am more used to groundnut chutney than kadi khichdi :)

Fifth, The car!!!!..Before: Grey Maruti 800, 2000 Model. Now: Red Hyudai i20, 2009 Model :) and to add to that change, i get to sit at the passenger seat more frequently. Thanks to the upcoming driver at home ;). But yeah, whenever I am not driving, we (the car and me) are praying with eyes closed hoping to reach home without a scratch :P

Wel, there are many more, like change in water, change in language, change in home, change in room, etc etc...but i understand that your concentration level is low and it ends right here. So, signing off...tata..