Thursday, August 4, 2011

Horn OK Please!

Like most of you know, I drive an awesome looking, jaw dropping, sexy car called Hyundai i20 (sorry i had to exaggerate for my own ego boost :P). Lately this piece of metal has been blessed with a unique feature. This feature is not available on any of the cars on Indian roads as yet (so proud!). It enables the driver to be humble to the fellow members on the road and also provides a kick of adventure sometimes. We actually go to the service center every 3 months and leave a note of Thanks for the "engineers" who make this possible for us and the special attention and the continuous support they provide.

For those of you who are envying this special blessing my car has - stop right there! I was talking about the presence of a silent horn or rather the absence of one! We have this pattern with the car. First week from the service center, car is screaming at the top of it's voice, scaring everybody on the road! second week and the car is still loud but now singing melodiously. Third week and there are symptoms of cough and cold. fourth week the throat is so bad that it makes a hoarse sound instead of sounding like an actual horn! Fifth week there is absolute silence! From then on, the car plays a "dumb" role on the roads!