Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The essentials of a bohri house

Lists are so popular these days that half of my news feed on facebook is links to lists about various topics. Since then my mind has been itching to write a list. More importantly a unique one. 

What can be more unique than writing about my own household :). As some of you know,  I belong to bohra community (yes my faith was written when I was born)

Here is a list of things you will absolutely find in any bohri house and is considered to handicap our house in their absence 

1. The universal oil. The healer. The king of balms and pain relief oils. The axe brand oil aka Abu faas. The Axe effect in this case works!


2. The wall filled with pillows. We call them 'khaba na takiya'. The most comfortable back support ever!

3. Tiny boxes of saffron in the egg tray of the fridge. There will be one from every possible country :)

4. The famous freshener and cleanser (also acts as a mosquito repellent sometimes). It is our very own 'bukhur'. These days the bukhur sticks are very in.

5. Jhatakwani pinchi. Beats every highend duster or cleaner. Very economical and easy to customize.

Have more to add to this list ? Add them in the comments section :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wake up call!

Its that time of the year when every muslim wakes up every morning (I would rather call it midnight) to gobble some food with the hopes of surviving yet another fasting day. Don't get me wrong, I am  not against fasting, I just find the early morning waking up a little too disturbing as I am not a morning person.
Anyways, back to the point I was trying to make - It's 3:30 am when my phone starts buzzing (alarm!). My eyes still fighting to open and my body still trying to convince me that this wake up call is worth it and its only 25 more days to do this and I am being a good girl by being the best daughter and what not when this massive blood sucking horrendous living being bites me! I wake up in a flash and slap my arm to find a dead mosquito on my palm. Rest of my sehri (suhoor) went singing "Khoon choosne tu aaya khoon choosne
Bloody khooni Monday Macchar kyun aaya khoon choosne

What a start to my day! Wonder what was yours?