Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lost + found

As kids, almost all of us have lost ourselves in a crowd and have cried until you found your family. I am no different! I have had my share of the so called "Lost+found" incident.

I don't remember at what age I was, but I was pretty small enough to get attracted to all the small "ice cream on wheels" guys at the Marina beach. It was a normal weekend where the family decided to chill out at the beach late in the evening with some family friends. We were a small gang sitting on a bed spread and playing games with mommy. Dad volunteered to buy us some roasted bhutta (corn) and like a tail, I followed him wherever he went. It was past sunset and the lighting at the beach was very low, so visibility was very bad. I mistook some other person as my dad and kept following him. The guy was walking very fast and was heading towards the car park. I had no clue why my dad was running so fast and I kept calling for him with my soft and sweet voice (wink) "Daddy!". It was at the car park that i realized that I was following the wrong "Daddy" and found myself lost. I kept looking for every cart which sold corn and was searching for dad until I got distracted by an ice cream wala and started to pester him to give me a cup of ice cream. Funny part here is, I completely forgot that I was lost! I don't know what happened next, but all I remember is, mom had finally spotted me and hugged me tight and I was back home safe and sound :)

P.S - Thanks to Vasu for reminding me of this incident during lunch :)
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