Friday, December 18, 2009

Steal from your own house?

As I was getting ready for work today I tuned into "Radio Mirchi" to listen to some new Tamil tracks. The RJ Kanmani was talking and calling out the question of the day to all her viewers (actually hearers? Whatever!), and the question was "Have you ever tried to steal from your own house anytime in your life?" – First, I found this question a little silly, why would anybody in their right minds steal from their own house, and second, if they did, why will they confess so publicly? But hearing the number of people calling back and answering made me really think about the question! One girl called and said " I needed pocket money and I stole Rs.500 from the rice box" and another one, "I picked up the change from the dining table" and many more such callers! So I started to think, did I ever steal anything from my own house? For some reason, I immediately remembered one of the stories Mom had narrated to me, an incident which happened when I was small.
I was a small kid, probably still wearing diapers and chewing toys! My sister was a little older and was probably in her kindergarten. Mom used to store all my diapers (remember we had cloth diapers those days) in a small aluminum box. One fine day, Mom dressed me up after a nice bath and in few minutes I was crying. Crying really bad. Mom had no clue what was going on! (I wasn't the crying types apparently). To her surprise, she spotted ants on my clothes! Red Ants! The ants had bit me so bad and I had no choice but to just keep crying. She did some investigation and found that all my clothes in that aluminum box had red ants and lots of cashews!!! Cashews?? How did it get here? My sister then confessed that, she loved cashews and she used to keep the extra ones for later. All those extra cashews she hid in my beloved clothes box and finally forgot to eat them! My Parents appreciated her "storing for future" idea and gave her cashews as a prize :)
This is no way the answer to Kanmani's question of the day, and I was surely not going to call her and narrate this either. It just struck my mind as I was thinking of my own stealing moments.
Enjoy the story as I still think on what I stole from my own house..
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