Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Out of words?

This is my 4th attempt in this week to write a blog post. And am hoping I won’t Ctrl+A+Del this one as I did it for the previous 3! Wonder what is wrong, I have forgotten to write? (Did I know at the first place?), I don’t have a good topic to talk about? Well, I don't think so. For most of you know that I can talk forever and about everything which is linked to me! In fact, my pervious attempts were about mehendi, office, work, zoo zoo and what not! So, that's not the case either. I have lost interest? - Hmmm, I hope NO! This blog is set out to become big this year; I don’t think I would lose interest so fast! So, what is it? Just too busy to even think and write a good post? May be, May be not! I don’t take hours to write a small Para!
I guess I am out of words; Just Out of words! I have no proper words to express what I want to in the right sense and in an understandable form. That's why I find myself writing and deleting every single line I try to post! How did I write this one then???

Never mind!
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