Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine day Special

It was 13th Feb, 11:30 PM in the night. Half an hour more to go for the mushiest day of the year, and I was (for a change) romancing with my laptop! I had no better thing to do :( and after a lot of farming and buzz-ing I finally started doing some cleanup work on my lappie. Went through all pictures, videos, docs, apps and what not. And then I landed into my "Movies" folder and decided to watch a romantic movie until 14th Feb came along!
The movie I chose to watch "P.S. I love you!" - What a perfect movie to watch! i had no idea about the movie and I was assuming it to be any normal romantic comedy like "Music and Lyrics" or may be "27 dresses". But this one, bloody hell, it got me tears! I have no idea if somebody could love someone so unconditionally! I had tears for the passion and the intensity of the love portrayed in the movie! The movie touched my heart so much that I just could not sleep until dawn! And the question kept arising "Can somebody love someone so much?" - Do I? Can I? Honestly, I don’t know!! I don’t want to know! The movie is a piece of fiction and I don’t really want to start comparing the love a person in the real world has for his/her wife/husband! But yeah, I must say, this movie got me thinking and got me sleepless too! Beautifully made and beautifully executed!  A superb movie to welcome “Valentines day” :-)
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