Monday, May 2, 2011

Chai ni Chah

Before I get started,Chai = tea and chah = liking.

It was our first breakfast at andamans, when Vishnu and I were enjoying the hot omelettes with toasted bread and a hot cup of tea! I was pleased with the breakfast served at the restaurant as they offered toasted bread, butter, jam, omelette and yummy tea. :) I dont know why, but a nice yummy cup of tea for breakfast makes my day! I was a big tea addict and now due to diet restrictions I have reduced to 1 tea a day (sob sob)
So back to the topic, of our lovely breakfast, I started enjoying my tea based breakfast and started telling stories about my lovely tea days (before marriage days to be specific ..;)..) and in the process re-discovered the lovely combinations of chai which I have personally enjoyed. I managed to consolidate this list within our half hour breakfast chat, and vishnu thought that I could write a thesis on tea and prove that tea can become the best side dish (in my case main dish) ever! :P

Here goes my list (in no specific order)

1. The most popular and obvious combination is Milk bikis biscuit dipped in tea (my team also enjoys this)
2. Marie Biscuit dipped in tea - Classy!
3. Butter biscuit with tea - Love it!
4. Rusk with tea - dhaba ishtyle (my style, apply butter on the rusk and then dip in tea!)
5. Toasted bread with butter spread and then dipped in tea - my staple breakfast during school days!
6. Porai biscuit soaked in tea (OMG my fav Ganesa bakery porai biscuits..Mariya are u listening?;)..)
7. Wafer biscuit dipped in tea (Another Ganesar bakery special)
8. Rumali roti, roasted on tawa with little oil (sidhpuri ishtyle: The roti soaked in tea is a desi breakfast for most of the sidhpuri bohri's)
9. Fried appalams with tea, and if you are a bohri, you would know meetha papad crushed in chai is super combination
10. Omelette and tea - yes, it is a great combo, ask my mom!

I am sure you would have heard one or more of these combinations for the very first time, and if you are a tea lover, try them and let me know how u find it :) My dear husband thinks that I can eat chicken fry and tea together and claim to be an awesome combination...haven't tried it as yet though ;)
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