Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boondon se baatein

Rain has been playing hide n seek with me. When I was out on my week long vacation it was pouring here. and, when I was in Bangalore during the weekend there was a down pour here. I haven't got a chance to see much of rains myself, but I love this season.

Besides all the havoc rains creates, it bring out the music in life. The downpour, the dark clouds and the flashy thunders add on to the not-so-happening city life. The rains add a beautiful aroma to your surroundings, wonder if you have ever smelled rain and said, "Is it raining somewhere?". It is the time when Mom's are busy frying pakodas and bajjis and malphuas! yummm! Slurp!

The Air conditioner's are given a break and the natural breeze is given way. The fans run slower and the wind blows faster. The old thick blanket on the loft is finally put to use and you hardly sweat. The dried clothes get wet again and the mud covered cars get water washed naturally :-) The schools and colleges get generous with holidays and a privileged few get to Work from Home. The roads are empty but flooded and schedules slow down as the rains get heavier.

Often rain is expressed as an emotion. Some people think that nature is crying along with them for their sorrows and some think its a celebration of their success. Some see it as a reliever to heat and some call it a menace. Some call it the season of romance and some just don't think anything at all!

For me, Rain is music, rain is dance, rain is rhythm, rain is refreshing, rain is energy, rain is fun, rain is rejuvenation, rain is awesome!! (I didn't bother to sound rhythmic though ;)...)

Rain Rain come again, Lil Sak wants to play :)
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