Monday, November 23, 2009

Friends in need

Its midnight and I am still at work. My eyes are red and I am going through a tough day. I miss my team mates and feel extremely insecure about the day. My day at work hasn't been good at all and I was trying hard to get out of the numerous goof ups I had done during the day. I had woken up half dozen support guys at Seattle and lost the little sleep which showed up in my eyes. I had never seen a day like this before and was crying inside for help.
Suddenly, a friend comes online. He pings and asks the entire day’s story. I vent out my plight and start to feel a little lighter. But not completely, I still didn’t seem to be normal and was talking weird. He was probably worried or probably just surprised to find me in that state of mind. He tries to talk more to divert my mind, but doesn't work. My phone unexpectedly wakes up and starts singing. It was another friend from work calling. I pick up the phone and kept quiet. She sensed the tension and asked "Sak you’re OK"? And guess what.. Tears roll down. ..
She patiently waits for me to finish the crying and sneezing and asks me to calm down. We spoke about work and then she pepped me up with her usual funny jokes. I was finally laughing at her and my tension had suddenly disappeared. I was so happy she called and felt - "Yes, someone does care about me". I finally asked her how she got the idea to call me at that time of the night and she said "He (the friend who was online) called and told me that Sak is tensed and upset and a girl talk would cheer her up"
I was flabbergasted; I never ever realized he could be so good at this. He just knew the right thing to do and helped me get out of it. He is not someone who knows me the most, but he just knew what I needed. "I am impressed" I told him and thanked him for being sensitive to me.
I choose not to mention names, but I know he and she will know when they read this :) I just want to say "Thank you dear friend!" - I truly appreciate it!
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