Thursday, December 29, 2011


Confused, distracted, perplexed, bewildered, dumbfounded – This is exactly how I felt when I started writing this blog post. This list of four "whatever", has taken more time to think than write.  Yeah, strange but true, I was actually out of ideas to write on my blog! What else can you expect from a poor soul with so many synonymous feelings ;)right? However, the good news is, I finally got my hands, mind and heart to write something and entertain you :)
Before I reveal the theme of my list, there is something I would like to ask you guys. If you are in a similar mood as mine, what would you do to get out of it? Go for a walk? Call a friend? Watch TV? Eat something? Listen to music? Or……..Watch a movie? I do many of these, especially the listening music, to be more specific, listen to one single song in a loop :-). But there is something which is very typical of me: I repeatedly watch the same movies :) I have a set of favorite movies, which I watch not once, not twice, not thrice but "N" number of times. I guess you got it, I am going to list my 4 favorite movies :)

My boyfriend back then and husband now gave me this movie DVD as a birthday gift. So crazy I was that  I watched this movie every night for 4 months from start to end without skipping a single scene or song. I literally know the dialogues of the movie by heart and actually play the role of the heroine while watching the movie :P. "mein apni favorite hu" tagline present under my blog heading was taken from this movie.  "Bhaisaab aap convince ho gaye ki mein aur bolu?" No brownie points for guessing my most favorite movie :) it is the one and only "Jab We Met" - I still have the DVD and anytime I feel completely lost and low, I choose to watch this movie :)

I saw this movie during my flight to New Jersey 4 years back. The usually boring and butt aching flight from Chennai to France to NJ made me browse through the movie collection provided in flight. A bunch of Hindi movies, some Tamil and some English. I tried to pick one which sounded light hearted and went for "27 Dresses". Jane, crazy about weddings, serves as a brides maid 27 times and finally has to arrange a wedding for her sister who is getting married to the guy she secretly loves! Cliché you might think, but the movie is damn cute, and you know who is cuter? James Marsden! Totally adorable movie with totally adorable James :)

Hiccup, A hapless young Viking who aspires to hunt dragons becomes the unlikely friend of a young dragon himself, and learns there may be more to the creatures than he assumed. - This is what imdb has to say about "How to train your Dragon". Vishnu and I have seen this movie many times and whenever we see it, we enjoy every bit of it. Hiccup and toothless (the dragon) have reserved a special place in our hearts.  Hiccup who is considered as an odd man out in the Viking crowd becomes friends with the Night fury Dragon and finally turns out to be the bravest Viking of the lot! Awesome movie to watch if you are a fan of animated movies :)

Last but not the least, reserving the 4th spot on my most favorite movie list is…..wait for it :). She is educated, sophisticated, ambitious and passionate. He is clueless, jobless, senseless and totally bhukkad! He meets her at a wedding , follows her in the bus and gifts her a DVD of her own dance. She completely hates him as he laughs at her "binness" plans and refuses to partner with him. She created "Shaadi Mubarak" and he tried "Happy Wedding".  I am talking about Bittoo and Shruthi in "Band Baaja baarat" :). Awesome songs, superb chemistry and dhinchak dialogues.  Perfect masala movie to end my list :)
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