Thursday, December 29, 2011


So far, you have read the "Six" places I want to visit, the "Five" things I wish to do and the "Four" movies I like the most. Today the countdown is sitting at number 3 (oh man, I am so brilliant to figure that out, right? :P ).  When hubby and I decided on the "Three" list, it sounded crazy. We decided to make a list of "alternate profession" we would have been in if not IT.  This list does not qualify as a wish list or most wanted list but It is plainly a list contemplating how our life would have been, if not the way it is!

Now, the question is, If not an IT professional, then what would have been my profession? or what I would have done for a living? As a matter of fact, a part of this list has already been covered in one of my earlier blog posts. And just incase you feel that you have heard this story before, you have probably been following my blog for the past 3 years and still haven't given up on me :-)  Ok, so back to what I set out to write, here is my list of 3 professions I would have landed up in if not IT/Software/Testing/Whatever!

The profession which wins hands down is "Fashion Designing". I had very well explained on my blog "if <> QAE then" that the one and only passion I ever had during my school days was fashion designing. Looking at all the glamorous models walking on the ramp wearing a designer's creation completely excites me. This is one profession which needs loads of creativity and attitude to design something out of the world daily!  I still design my own clothes and mom thinks I am good at it :-)

Ok, after the gaga about the love I have for fashion designing, I would like to introduce you to my second passion.  This one is close to my heart. Hubby and me met because of this. May be that's why I can probably see myself being in this profession. Yes, I am talking about Dancing! I have been dancing from I don’t know when. In school, in college, at work (not my current work place), I have danced solo and group and won some competitions too :). Dancing is more like a hobby to me, but who knows, if I had been a little serious I would have been a pro!

2 down and 1 more to go, this profession is a little of the serious types. Imagine a lady walking in Saree with big soda glasses and a pile of textbooks in her hands. Now imagine her walking into a huge room and everybody stands up to greet her "Good Morning Miss' :-) Get it? - I would have probably become a teacher and spent my time teaching kindergarten students :-)

There you go! The 3 alternate professions I would have gone for :-) I actually had a fourth one but its not something which can be tagged as a profession. If I had the guts or the inclination I would have probably joined the Indian Army. But I clearly don't qualify for it, so I am going to leave that thought aside and end this list with a small note. This list is not a "WANT" list and I am no way indicating that I don’t like what I do right now :). And btw, "Thireee" is actually my grand mom version of three :P 

Ciao! :)
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