Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taxed?..No more!

I successfully filed my taxes for last year, last week! Yes! I am late. The last date was July 31st ( I Think). But hey, better late than never. The reason its important to mention about my taxes is that I have had the simplest filing ever! You know why? Guess guess guess...Cos, I paid taxes for what money I earned! No investments, no policies, no rents, no medical insurance. Just plain "Gross Salary", "Tax to be paid" and "Tax paid"! - Have you ever seen such a simple tax statement? I bet NO! And I am totally proud about it!!!

Yeah yeah yeah, I can see some of you reacting. Sak! what the hell, why haven't you saved any taxes? tere paas bahut paise hain kya daan mein dene ke liye? kuch toh document dikhana tha, itna sara paise waste kiya?

Unfortunately, I don't think that way. I have no regrets of paying 30% of that pay cheque I earned. If I deserved a hike in my pay, so did the country! I have no right to crib about bad roads, dirty colonies, poverty, bad infrastructure if I don't do the basics! The government won't help you if you don't help them help you! Simple..

I totally pity my friends who run around (esp. in the month of March) trying to get the cheapest investments and best policies in town which would get them the highest savings on tax! I also know friends who have a home loan on their own house, and then stay in a rented house to get the benefits of both! I have nothing against investing for securing your old age or for securing your kid's future. But investments sold and bought in the name of saving tax totally irritate me!

IMPORTANT: I don't expect you to agree with my thinking, and I respect your way of handling your finances. This space is mine and is purely used for venting out my thoughts.

Signing off, proudly!
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