Saturday, August 1, 2009


It was on May 21st when my new blog had got a newer look, and i had proudly announced it on my blog post: How Does it Feel when??

After 2.5 months of the new look, it was time for a much newer look and I started hunting for new templates for my self-obsessed blog. The process of hunting took me 2 days!! (like geet says in Jab We Met "Just IMAGINE!!!"). After short listing 4 possible new looks for my blog, there was a round of voting and decision making all the 4 templates went through to see which one suits me and my blog the best! and.... WaterColor won it! This template really caught my eye and I couldn't wait to have it on my blog!

But guess what, it wasn't easy to implement. However thanks to FalconHive for providing very detailed and easy to understand instructions for applying the template and my blog got a great new look!

I simply Lowwwwe the Makeover and I hope you guys like it too!!
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