Thursday, May 21, 2009

How does it feel when

How does it feel when...
Your old looking home is newly painted?
A favorite old outfit is given a sleek new look to fit you perfect..?
A stony non-existent road suddenly has cement platforms?
Your old bulky monitor is replaced with a sleek thin HD monitor!?
Your old room get new curtains...?
Your rusted Window AC is replaced with a smart Split AC?
Your Maruti 800 is sold to buy a new Civic!! (Make that purple Civic)?
Your old shoes which gives blister on your feet are replaced with a new Reebok pair!?
Your old messy hair is reformed to beautiful straight hair..?
Your smile is reformed after 1.5 years of metallic torture! (Braces on teeth)?

It surely is a happy feeling..and that's exactly how my blog feels with its new look!
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