Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Am sorry :(

There was a time when I was known for being amazing at remembering "Dates". I was the "Reminder Service" for my sister who always used to forget her friend's birthdays! I could confidently fight with all my friends who forgot my birthday, cos there was no way I could forget theirs! But suddenly, I seem to be losing this image of mine! :(

I have managed to forget 2 of my best friends birthdays over the past week! I still can't believe my ears, eyes and stomach which keep saying that I forgot their Birthday! Though I can conveniently give reasons like "Oh I was terribly busy with a big release", "Man, after marriage I can't remember anything else except my husband", "Shit, what is today's date? I didn't even know your birthday came" to keep them calm, but no matter what excuse i give, the damage is done!

I am sorry Kalyan and SV for forgetting your Birthdays! I did speak to you guys last week but I did not realise I was being forgetful. Please Please Please forgive me! I promise I won't fight if you forget mine (next year ;-) ..). Hope you had a great birthday and wishing you guys a beautiful and memorable year ahead!
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