Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time to Resolve!

It's not a New Year, nor my Birthday today, but it is surely a good day to make some resolutions for the rest of my life! I am gonna try my best to follow them and pinch myself hard whenever I violate it! The list is small but worth every word cos it makes a big impact in my life!..

1. Start saving for my Dream CAR: If I don't do this, my dream car is gonna remain a dream only. And before Honda themselves give up on the Civic and stop manufacturing it, I want that sexy piece of metal in my garage! My savings start from today and btw, Donations are welcome :)

2. Lose Weight: Well this has been on my plate well before marriage, but haven't done much to show any signs of losing weight! In fact, I gained some Kgs after marriage (happily married I guess..:-)..). Though I did make some effort to use the Treadmill and not let it collect dust at home some time back, I conveniently stopped that exercise when project deadlines started kicking in! So now, no more excuses! Am gonna control my in-take of food, or at the least watch out for calories to start with and get stricter as days go..

3. Become proficient in Table Tennis: I am desperate! i am so tired of losing against Vishnu on the TT Table! My winning rate is 1 in probably 12 matches against him and it is really not helping my small "ego" :)

I did say the list was small, didn't I? Please wish me luck in achieving these.. I am confident I will :)
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