Friday, October 23, 2009

It was a dream, Weirdo!

Off late, I have been dreaming a lot (not day dreaming Duh!). I was initially sleep deprived due to project deadlines and now that i get to heartily sleep, my dreams wake me up. I have no idea why i see these "out-of-the-box" dreams as they don't have any similarities with my life!

My first weird dream has a bunch of relatives, my buccs gang (from previous company) and my current beloved team mates! My dream starts from my grand mom's home, I am not surprised by that cos I see grand mom dreams very often. In the dream the home is kinda re-vamped, so looks a little different, looks more like 2 big blocks kept adjacent to each other. I enter the place to find out if there is enough place to "party" (huh!). There is ample space for the entire city to party, but there is a problem. The house is located in a not-so-good locality and I wish to party next to a beach (:-S).

Now is when the "weirdness" of the dream starts..

I make arrangements for this 1 block of the house to be "removed" from there and strategically placed on a beach(WHHAAAAAT). So now, I have a huge place to party and i do party all night @ the beach with my current team mates..Wonder who was sponsoring it ;-).. The party goes on and then i fall asleep in my dreams (hahaha)...When I wake up.. I find my buccs guys (Where did they come from???!!!???) is all set to leave from the venue and are making arrangements to get the block back to where it came from!!

Yes, i like my granny's house, i also like my team mates and i totally love my buccs gang..but whats with the party @ the beach in a block of house borrowed from Granny??? - God only knows!

I woke up confused, but didn't bother telling anybody or making a big deal out of it until the next night i saw a weirder dream!

My dream didn't start at Granny's place, but in a HUGE Temple! And to my surprise, I was standing in the queue to get into the temple all by myself (nobody came along with me). I deposited my hand bag at the counter and proceeded towards the temple when someone passed a comment "you will go in fine, but you will have a tough time getting out!" - I gave this "Whatever" look to that stranger and walked in. I completed my visit and was about to step out when i spot a very very long queue of people stuck inside the temple waiting for their turn to go out! The long queue was because people were made to go through a "MAZE" in batches before they can get out of the temple. The queue grew smaller and i got closer to the so called Maze. When my turn came, I was asked to enter a huge empty room, more like a never ending passage. The passage was dark and quiet horrifying. The bunch of us, managed to walk into that passage without stamping anybody and little later in the passage we started hearing noise of water flowing. We suddenly saw water gushing into the passage with a force that will drown all of us in a jiffy. We managed to swim in that water and got out of that passage. The next scene I remember is we entering a chamber which was filled with closed doors on either sides of the wall. The clue given to us was that, one of the doors would lead to the exit. All of us frantically start opening each door to find the exit but we would find only a plain wall. we passed through the complete chamber and the last door lead to one more passage. This passage had some source of natural light and we were sure we were near to exit. We finally ended up in a Police station!(aing) A big fat inspector led us to the room where our bags were kept and then allowed us to go home! I victoriously run to the exit and call my father-in-law to say "Appa! I finally got out of the Maze, and I am safe. I am going home now!"

None of the scenes in this dream coincide with what I do in my day to day life, the last time I stepped into a temple was @ Thirumalai few months back and that was surely not a Maze. - I wonder why i got this dream...and I wonder what more weirder dreams are in store for me!

Hope you guys are still awake and reading this last line of my post :)

Sweet Dreams!
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