Friday, October 30, 2009

Nothing official about it!

Just about when I thought my team is growing big and we have lots to do together I was suddenly moved to another team. This new team was once the "neighbor" team on the floor and now the neighbor has open doors for me to stay in. This surely came as a shock to me, it felt as if i just joined this place all over again! My "adoption" process from one team to another happened few days back and I was formally handed over to the new team by my old manager - literally like how a baby is adopted from the-mother-who-gave-birth to her and the-mother-who-will-raise her!

Thank fully, My desk location has not changed and I am still sitting with my old team mates. But lots of other things have changed, I no more get emails from my favorite boss, I no more exist in the team group emails, I no more share work with my team mates. I don't even get the heart or motivation to go and talk to my new team mates (I don't know why). Nothing against them, they are good at whatever they do and they are welcoming too, but I am just not ready to enter those open doors..

Some of you must be thinking; :Sak, Don't get emotional about it, it's after all your work place and as long as the pay cheque comes in, be happy!" Well you are probably right, but not completely! I don't (nor does anybody else) work in isolation. And yes the pay cheque is why everybody starts to work, its finally the environment and the people which motivates you to get going and do the best at work!

I hope that this remains as a temporary "phase" and though i am not trying right now, I would be out of this soon.
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