Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Beauty Tip :)

Ever tried a facial which gets over in 5 mins and also gives good results??
A facial which does not need you to spend 1.5 hours in the parlour?
A facial which doesn't burn your pocket?
A facial which guarantees instant glow and no after effects?
A facial which is free of cost once a year?
A facial done by 10 of ur friends rather than some stranger in the parlor?
A facial which can be photographed and treasured?
A facial which is creamy and colorful?
A facial which can be done at work or home or friend's place?
A facial which gives the same effect irrespective of gender, color, skin type or size of your face?

Ok ok ok, these are the people who have gone through out-of-the-world-facial and have been proven to be brighter, cuter, smarter and cleaner after that;-)

Btw, I am not waiting for mine ;)
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