Friday, July 10, 2009

Driving the car is always easier than parking it!

They say "Getting a driving license is different from actually driving".

Initially I didn't understand this saying, until I started to drive! Well for me, getting the driving license was adventurous enough and i was confident to drive on the roads. But I guess, I was wrong. I have far too many occasions where I have managed to save myself or my car from damage (Mom, don't panic after reading this, cos I am much better at it now)

It was sometime in November 2007 when i got my own car(A year after i got my license). It was a 1999 Maruti 800 and I was the third owner. The reason i give this info is for you to understand that the very old car was gonna be driven by a very new driver! - ME :)

When the car came home, My dad was just too scared to give the car keys in my hands, he insisted i go for another round of classes before i actually drove the car myself. However, I managed to convince him for a few classes by a known driver.

The known driver finally turned up on one of the weekend and I could finally take charge of the car and control the steering myself. Well, it was not only the steering, but the clutch, the gear, the accelerator and the brakes too! As I sat on the driver's seat, there was a wave of nervousness running down my body and the only hope I had was the person sitting next to me - My teacher - The known Driver.We drove and drove and drove until we hit the Toll plaza on ECR and we decided to get back home. The drive was pretty smooth and I did pretty well in my first class. My teacher was already impressed and was recommending me to take the car out everyday!

We finally reached home and I was totally proud about myself! Now that the driving was impressive, my next chapter was the parking! I was supposed to park the car inside the house garage - which was slightly scary as the car park at home was pretty weird. I had to take a right and another right and then left in order to get to the parking slot! And to add complexity to the already complicated route, The second right was an elevation and the left was where the gate was. It might sound extremely simple to you, but for me it was no where close to it being simple.

With all the courage and skill, I took the first right peacefully, no engine noises, no tyres screeching no smoke, no clash. However, the second right required some knack cos it was an elevation. It needed a little acceleration, lot of clutch and quick brake when the car has to turn left. Mummy :( I was very cautious on the accelerator, but because of that my car refused to climb and my teacher kept signaling for more acceleration. Finally i left the clutch, jumped on to the accelerator, went zoom on top and forgot to break before turning left!!!

Result: Car was in the place where it had to be.

Car Status:
Right headlights were broken
Left bumper was smashed
Left headlight and indicator light shattered into pieces

People Status:
My mom's eyes couldn't believe what had just happened!
My driver was almost in the verge of laughing
My dad had a mixed feeling whether to scold the driver or me!
I was shocked and shivering to get out of the car!
The neighbors came running after hearing some loud screeches.

My driving status:
Though i got to drive the car, my dad, never let me park for almost a month after this incident. I would leave the car on the road until he came home and parked it himself!

Hence proved:
Getting a driving license is different from actually driving
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