Saturday, July 4, 2009's a Secret...

Now this post is surely inspired by my cousin..No wonder why her blog shows up on "My Motivators" list. So here is one blog "inspired" from her post: "Can you keep a Secret? - It is how Anu Malik gets "Inspired" by every English pop song! LOL

So, Can I keep a secret??? ABZOLUTELLYY!!! I know far too many secrets about you before you realize it yourself ;). Don’t panic and call the cops, I am not gonna let it out in a public forum :-) for the very simple reason that, IT IS A SECRET..Duh!!! But, guess what, This post is gonna have few of my very own secrets ...and after this post, it’s gonna be known secrets ;)

1. I am scared of dogs! - This is a known secret to some of my friends who have seen me reacting to a dog around me!

2. My first crush was when I was in LKG!! - Don't ask me the name, cos I don't remember it either ;)

3. My favorite color became purple only after college; it used to be black before!

4. I DONT have any best friends. I have huge chunks of friends from every path of my life, but no one as my closest or best! I don’t have anybody to pick up the phone and vent out something which bothers me or excites me!

5. My original name was "Rubab" and was changed to "Sakina" as a dedication to my grand mom!

6. There were exactly 2 Bohri muslim guys I seriously liked before I got hooked on to Vishnu! Both of them had no interest in me...Thank GOD??!?? - Don't ask names again, both of them are supposedly married to somebody else ;-)

7. My sister gives me an inferiority complex. Though I love her the most, I have always been jealous of her. (More details in a later post)

That's it for now; I would like to keep the rest as secrets ;)
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