Monday, July 20, 2009

KT Problems!

As a part of my job, many a times I am asked/required to provide a "knowledge transfer" to either a new joinee, or an old team mate who is new to the project. I have absolutely no issues in teaching somebody or even learning from someone. In fact i learn more while teaching, cos every new person has a new way of looking at things. I am usually open to a lot of questions and I am usually patient in answering them. Ok, I guess i made my point far more than clear that I can teach and I am patient enough for it, but there is a problem here and without further delay i would just get to the problem statement :)..So here it is..

Problem Statement 1: You are in a new team, you are little more experienced from the rest of the team, however the team is new to you. You are just trying to get a hang of things and the do's and dont's in the team. After about 6 months of self learning and lot of practical knowledge, you are suddenly found in this situation where: You are no longer new, the old team thinks you are doing something new (which is actually not) and you are supposed to give KT to the old team members on what you learnt from these 6 months! Weird isn't it? Weird but true!!

Problem Statement 2: You are again new, you are new the team and the team is new! you are learning things from scratch from some stranger 7 seas apart! And finally you are the one and only owner of the project, when suddenly, somebody is introduced in the project and you have to give a KT! Always happy to have helpers, you give all the KT you need to and take the help from him/her in return. This entire process happens once, twice and thrice. Fourth time you are like: Oh my God! when will this end??

Problem Statement 3: You have taken KT from an old team member, learnt almost everything from him/her and took over the project. After few months, you fall back on him/her for help in the project and the reply is "I have forgotten everything, give me a KT". What do you mean forgotten? If you are on fast for a month, do you forget to eat? Do you forget to pay your monthly bills? Do you forget your own mobile number cos you never dial it? GRR!

Problem Statement 4: Nobody is new here, everybody knows everything and is doing the same thing. you are just asking for "backup" when you wanna go out for a short vacation with your family and your manager comes and says. Please give KT so that your backup is not blocked due to your absence? @#!$@%#$

Last but not the least, Problem Statement 5: You have resigned from your current company and you are on notice period. After 2 weeks of torture you finally get a replacement and you are expected to transfer the knowledge in one week. You stay late, take shorter breaks, write pages and pages of wiki for your replacement and leave the company. After a week you find out your replacement has left!!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME and EFFORT!! GRRR!
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