Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I saw this movie on Star movies, and i just did not seem to relate to it. This movie is about an American guy who comes to India to teach how to run a call center. So far so good, the only part which irritated me was the "exaggeration".

I simply don't understand why the non-Indian directors, making an Indian movie, always want to portray either one of the following:
1. Slums
2. Dirt
3. Crowd
4. Anything which spells "eeew!"

This American guy who is supposedly the "AVP of sales and order fulfillment" is dumber than the villagers. He eats whatever is offered to him (including ice golas), he sits wherever there is place, he talks to any stranger and he cannot differentiate between "Mac Donnells" and "McDonalds".

In reality, every visitor/tourist is given a huge list of "Do's and Dont's" before stepping into India. I don't have the complete list, but this is the preview:
1. Do not drink/eat anything which is not served in disposable material
2. Do not use tap water - Brush your teeth with bottled water
3. Do not eat any restaurant which is not star-rated!

Looks like this man had never read the list and finally blamed the ice golas he ate on the roadside for a "cramped" stomach!

I think the movie failed miserably in projecting the right picture about India and Indians and the way we work and live here. We did start the IT consulting firms in small rooms and then expanded to big campuses but not by building huts in the middle of no where and operate with borrowed electricity lines! The movie showcased a frustrated outsider who initially had an horrible experience and then finally fell in love with his co-worker and got back to his country with a bollywood ring tone-d mobile phone!

Gosh, so FILMY!

P.S. I am not a professional critique and this blog is not meant for writing movie reviews, this is my personal opinion written down in my blog!
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