Monday, June 22, 2009

Back pain is behind me!

One not-so-fine morning, I just could not lift myself from the bed. I was wide awake, but totally immobile. It was annoying and painful; It was a horrible back ache. Unable to wake up on time for work, I finally decided to take a day off, relax my strained muscles and pay homage to the Doc!

I think I should have just stopped with taking a day off and relaxing, because paying homage to the doc cost me lot more pain!

So, here I was, struggling to stand and brush my teeth, wear something random and walk out of my room like a robot! I still remember Vishnu smiling at me when i was doing a combination of limp, hop and drag at the same time in order to just walk! However, with his help, I successfully reached the destination - Doc's den! He examined and said "Strain may be"..and here is where my mind starts running.. Strain due to what? And the possible Options were..

A. Work?
B. Walk?
C. Table Tennis?
D. Cooking?
E. Bike?
F. Ahem!*

By the time I did inky-pinky-ponky to choose the correct answer, the doctor had prescribed some tabs for 3 days and said "Don't bother, you would be just fine!” I believed his words, took the tabs religiously and slept like a log!!! The day off was totally fruitful on the sleep front! Totally relaxed and made sure my back does not complain...My back was fine as long as the tabs kept going in, but once stopped, I still saw symptoms of back ache...but guess what, It was on the opposite side..Wonder if the tabs were designed to "move" and not "remove" the pain!

Anyways, now I am due to meet the doc and give him my prescription (dose) and ask him to cure it properly, until then, hail to for providing the most comfortable bean bags at work!

* You need to be like me to understand this option!
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