Saturday, June 13, 2009

Interbiewing ebent!

He was the first guy I met at office today. I had no clue what he would turn out to be and I was supposed to evaluate him and recommend him for our team! Yes..I was interviewing him. As I was typing out his answers during the conversation, I felt strain on my ears and difficulty in reading my own lines! Later did i realize that I was typing the way he was talking and this is how it was:

Me: So, give me a brief about what you have done so far.

Him: I habe done M-Sh-c IT phrom allahabad unibershity and then completed MBA in Phinance. I worked as an inthern in Dhelhi and then got deputed to Tee Shee S. Aphter that i joined cognijant and now in Shathyam compooters.

Me: Oh ok. What would you test on a device?
Him: I will phirsht check iph it ish eajy to uje. Whether the applicason is running phine and the pheatures are working as per recurement (requirement)


I can't write phurther than this as most oph the coshtions aphter this are either conphidential or absolutely stressphool to my eyes and ears! I habe no intentions oph putting this person down, but I just could not bear it! I was switched oph in the phirst ten minutes and wash shtruggling to eben gibe philler coshtions.

Oh Gosh! Get me out oph this!!


P.S.: Replace "ph" with "f", "sh"/"j" with "s" and "b" with "v". For further guidance please get in touch with me via comments ;-)
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