Friday, June 5, 2009

The list to be obsessed about..

By now, 2 things are pretty clear - I love myself and I am self obsessed! Khi khi - Same Difference! Surprisingly I am obsessed with other things in life, besides being obsessed with myself! They are pretty few but I am glad I look around and like other things besides myself!

Read disclaimer below, before you continue reading..

DISCLAIMER: This list is not complete. This list is not in the order of degree of obsession. This list might be missing YOUR name since I respect your privacy. This list was prepared when I was totally Zombied! Any resemblance to your obsession list is purely coincidental.

OK, now that the legal matters are dealt with, I shall continue with what I set to write - My Obsession list.

1. Purple - The color I am zimbly crazy about. Show me anything in purple - A purple shirt, a Purple water bottle, A purple watch, A purple leaf, A purple tag, A Purple book, A purple pen and I would go bonkers over it. Thats the reason why my wedding reception saree was Purple! Trust me I literally begged for one!

2. Honda Civic - Sexy car, much sexier when painted purple. Ooooh la la.. I drool over that car man! The Car I ever wanna own!

3. DVD of Jab we Met! - The best Hindi movie I have seen till date (Ok...exaggeration!). The movie really caught my attention when I saw this totally crazy, witty, bubbly jabber box - Geet! Mind you, I have no liking for Kareena, but I loved Geet (The character). And the icing on the already yummy cake was SHAHID! A Superb movie and I Love it!

4. My Blackberry - Somebody said "This is an ugly phone" when they saw it on my hands. I hate you for saying that! It’s a beautiful gift I got and I am so totally obsessed with it!

So, you must be thinking - "Sak! You are materialistic"! Guess what, everybody is, but they never accept it! At least I don't go around killing and cheating people to get all that I want!

That's it for now...Over and out!
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