Monday, June 1, 2009

Love for 2

Wonder if you can fall in love with 2 at 1 time. One tall and the other short. One dark and the other fair. One cute and the other handsome. One stylish and the other smart. One slow and the other fast. One cold and the other hot! One naughty and the other is not!

Besides the differences, both have similarities too..both don't react to a jump start, both don't make noise for something nice. Both are head-turning-material, both are pricey (in Tanglish you call it "caastly figure"). Both have sexy color. Both are comfortable to be with. Both are sensitive. Both are lovable. Both have got my attention!

Forgot to mention..One is the Hyundai i20 and the other is the Fiat Linea - what were you thinking?
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