Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The dRiVe to DrIvE

It has been 4 years since I got my driver's license. Not so long ago, but pretty long to reserve a space on my blog :) Honestly, going through a license test was worst than writing my 12th boards. In fact, the test is no way close to being tough, its the torture before and after the test that drains your blood out! And if you have not applied via a driving school, you are in for getting robbed aka giving bribe

My story is a little different though. I did go via a driving school, and I was pretty confident I would get the license at the first shot! I was wrong. We (a herd) were asked to reach the RTO by 8 am in the morning and we, as obedient students, all reported by sharp 8. I was on my scooty and waited forever! 8 became 9 and then 10 and 11 too, but no sign of the so-called RTO-Inspector. I was getting restless and had no more patience left - Try waiting in the sun in Chennai for 3 hours on the road doing nothing! Anyways, this jerk (The Inspector) showed up at 2 in the afternoon. That time, We were all starving to death - As somebody I know very aptly conveys "paseele praanam pogudhu". The jerk started scrutinizing everybody for no reason and got all of us nervous. By the time i got my turn, I had no energy left to even sit on that toota-phoota bike. With little strength left i started driving and making the "traditional 8" with Kinetic Honda and before i realized, i had lost balance and the sand on the road was on my face...Embarassinggggggggggggg! I conveniently blamed that failure on the Jerk and walked out...tired!

I was the favorite student to my teacher and he was disappointed to see me like that! I kept showing off on my scooty during the entire training and when the "D" day came I failed! I had no intentions to go back to that place and see the jerk again, but the Drive to Drive, left me with no choice. I went back (1 month after that episode) and tried my luck! This time again, we waited for HOURS for the Inspector to show up and until he did, I went in circles trying to perfect the "traditional 8" on my scooty. Did I mention? The test was both for bike and car :) and I had no practice with the car for almost a month. So, finally some guy showed up late in the afternoon and as I was a "re-test" student, I was asked to start first! Wah what a faith! So very confidently I sat on the same tootha-phoota bike and drove the "8" almost perfectly! Yipppppeeeeeee!Applause! Applause! Applause!

Hey, the story is not over! I still have my car driving test...

After an eventful bike ride, my confidence level had boosted up and I was all set to hit the road in the car! Mind you, this was the first time I was driving the car without my teacher next to me (controlling the brakes from his side :-)..). So, here I was sitting at the driver's seat and the ugly looking inspector next to me, my teacher behind. The Start was pretty good and I was going smooth until he asked me to take a "U" turn on a narrow road! Believe it or not, I used the reverse gear 4 times before the "U" turn was complete and I was almost sure this time is gonna be a failure too! Guess what, I was wrong again :)

God knows what was in the Inspector's head, he approved my license :) I was so relieved i was flying-without-wings :) I drove back home proudly on my cute little scooty pep and never turned back to that not-so-inviting place ever! Phew!
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