Friday, June 19, 2009

I have a life...let me live!

I am trying to be totally "positive" about today - but somehow "today" doesn't want to reciprocate that feeling!

Today morning, I land up to work to find out that I have to give Kt about everything i know to the new joiners and I would be free from what I do (I donno what this means). Like an obedient student to my boss I went up to the training rooms to give the Gyan (I supposedly have) and find out that my students are already celebrating weekend!

I was kinda glad...until I got on to something else...

Yesterday, I spent the entire night to do the so-called Test case cleanup. I managed to do a lot and I tried to import my new-and-improved testcases on to the portal. They did get imported! – Phew...until...I saw that the imported stuff was TOTALLY MESSED UP! There were far too many bugs on the portal to handle my format of TC's and I felt terrible! ...Without losing hope, I gave it another try, which took me more than half a day and re-imported....but…SIGH! The newer testcases created more mess than before :-(....I struggled for the rest of the day to make it right, and I finally did!... Btw, in this whole Process I was using "Microsoft Word", "Microsoft Excel", "WordPad" and “my PORTAL! - All of these SUCK!

Now that I earned another relief, I picked up my phone to share the good news to my troubled husband! And guess what - My phone was dead!! It was beyond recovery, it refused to wake up and respond to me! - My phone was in coma :( The battery had conked off and I felt disconnected! I am gonna trouble the rest of the world until i get my phone live and kicking!!

All of this was not enough… My boss very casually informed that tomorrow is not a holiday for me! There is a freaking recruitment event and I have to be a part of it. GRRRR…. I am already getting night mares about the candidates who will try to spoil my vocabulary and testing knowledge :(

I hate it cos it ruined my lunch plans, car plans, shopping plans and bonding plans! I have stopped saying "Thank god it’s Friday" - Cos I am not looking forward for the weekend! – Not ANYMORE!

For the rest of you who are probably home by now, probably relaxing or staring at the TV, or probably cooking, or shopping or baby sitting or traveling, I am glad you are doing something else besides work and I wish you a very Happy weekend - May you live the weekend I want to!
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