Monday, June 8, 2009


What if there was a universal change in the English language to change "g"(the way its pronounced) to "j"? i.e. English to become Enjlish?

"Oh My God" would become "Oh My Jod!" and "Good Girl" will be "Jood Jirl"? Hungry will be hunjry and gone will be jone!

English is a funny lanjuage - now the reason why I didn’t replace the "g" in the lanjuage is because g is already j!! Similarly in Bajjage, Damage, carriage, marriage!.. Phew I am confused! Why is Go not Jo? Why is got not jot? Why is get not jet?

Imagine a normal conversation endinj up in a mess:

A: hi! How are you?
B: I am Jood, how are you?

A: I am doinj Jreat! Lonj time no see? What are you doinj these days?
B: Oh Yeah, have been busy lately, jot into a janj of jerks - software engineers! And life is busy since then.

A: Jerks, why so?
B: they call "J" as "J"

A: So what's the problem?
B: I mean "J" as "J"

A: What's wronj?
B: Exactly, you just said Wronj! "J" as "J"

A: Iam not sure about your janj, but you surely are! I dont jet you at all!
B: Nevermind! JoodBye!

I promise, this is no exaggeration, my cousin (Maria) and I have created this :) we talk in "Enjlish" most of the times and she as a kid used to call "K" as "T" (Not Tidding ;-)..) and couldn't explain her problem as she tept sayinj "T" as "T"

Jot the Point???

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