Friday, June 12, 2009

I am Pirated!..

This is a new trend in office; Forget to lock your Laptop and there you go! "You are Pirated". Thanks to my lovely team mates, they chose me as the first bali-ka-bakra to pirate! I (as usual) got too tempted with the offer of a TT game and carelessly left my lappie unlocked. After sweating and running across the table trying to play the game for half an hour, I got back and realized that an email was sent from my mail box to the entire team - Subj: "I am Pirated". As they say it in Hindi - "Sotein hue sher ko jagaya" (For the less fortunate: "Woke up a sleeping lion") - From then, I haven't left one single chance to pirate somebody else! - So far the count is 3 and I would have just added one more to my score if I had gathered enough courage to conquer my boss's cabin and pirate him! Better luck next time...

However, none of my team mates know that I have been a 'Buccaneer' aka Pirate for more than a year now! Didn’t understand? Here's the story...

Last Quarter of the year is the most looking-forward-to part of the year in iNautix (my previous company). We have our annual day celebrations and a whole load of competitions organized during that time. The entire organization is split into 4 big groups and the event has a theme on which every group has to innovate and compete. In 2007 it was a WAR FIELD; A war between "Gangsters", "Raiders", "Buccaneers" and “I-don’t-remember-the-fourth-opponent”. My friend Teeks (the jack sparrow of the group) and I were the captains of this totally crazy, charming, creative team called the "Buccaneers". We as a team totally rocked the place and left the entire floor speechless. We had a super gang of guys and gals with mind-blowing talent and wit! In fact our costumes on the day of the event set us apart; I wish I had photos to share – anyways, that day was simbly awesome!!! We would have won the trophy hands down if only it hadn't rained that day. All our vegetable carvings, paintings, backdrops, props, costumes got washed away. But it didn’t wash away our spirit! Winning or losing was separate from the fun we wanted to have and we totally had a ball!! From then my identity at office changed from "Sakina" to "Buccaneer Captain Sakina"

I am sooooo PIRATED! :-))))
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