Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm lovin it...

I still remember my first attempt of playing TT and making history of playing TT like Shuttle. its been more than 2 weeks since that history happened and i have surely come a long way from there.

I also remember days when my partner-in-crime was all crazy abt this game and jumped out of her seat to just play a quick 5 min match! I had to literally pull her out of the TT room cos she almost started to live there! Later did i realize that the game is addictive! Now I am going through this phase and she is being my savior! you see, there must be a reason y I call her partner-in-crime!

Would be unfair if i failed to mention my very patient coaches :), yes i have 2 coaches, one is a zoo-zoo in disguise and the other is a short sober cute chap (Note: he is not my team mate). Both of them are great players and have superb patience. They were majorly responsible in making me play TT ..the TT way!

Now that I have finished my vote of thanks to the nice people, I have to mention this other nice guy who had a reverse effect on me! His laughs and jokes about my games has actually motivated me to get better. If not for him, I wouldn't have stormed out of the TT room and finished my work for that day. If not for him, I wouldn't have been determined to go back to that room and prove him that I am getting better!

No matter who has what impact on me, this game is gonna be in my favorite list for some more time and I continue to bug each and every team mate of mine for a quick 5 min game :)

Like they say in the McDonalds Ad: I'm lovin it!
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