Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cooker of the day!

Its almost always expected for a new "daughter - in - law" of the house to take care of the kitchen when the Home ministry (i.e. mom - in - law) is out. And in most cases the daughter - in - law does take up the responsibility with no complains :) Today being one of those days ,"I" - the daughter - in - law received the title: "Cooker of the day" (You can congratulate my husband for creating this title). Now, to keep up with this new and creative title, I tried to get a little creative with my cooking skills and started on with the menu of the day to be "Paneer capsicum with Roti and halwa", but by the time I surveyed the fridge and the kitchen, all I could make was "Black Dal with rice and egg bhurji" (actually not bad for me). Now that the cooker has done her job, I am impatiently waiting for the "Hogger of the day" to comment!

P.S. I can cook and this is not my first experimental cooking experience. So am pretty confident my new title will remain intact until the home ministry is back to pavilion :)
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