Monday, May 18, 2009

Side effects...

As days go by, my walk in the clouds seem to be hitting earth. The walk is getting painful by the day and I am inclined to crib big time here! But before i get on to my cribbing mode I am obliged to first tell you the progress I have made since my first walk! So here it goes...

Day 1 : Holding the Side bars of the tread mill, totally scared. Walked as if i was climbing the Himalayas!
Day 2: Was excited to walk with my new shoes :) didn't find the pain of walking as I was concentrating on the shoes!
Day 3: Going steady with 4.5 kmph and guess what. I did'nt need the support of the side bars. I swing my hands to glory!
Day 4: 4.5 kmph looks jujuby and I complete my walk with ease! No sweat, no Pain!
Day 5: I get a little ambitious and increase my speed to 5kmph. Was overwhelmed with the calf muscles showing signs of pain! But overall manageable..
Day 6: Today! I forgot about yesterday's signs of pain and started the walk. Reached 5 kmph and was panting in no time. My stamina and my leg pain were competing with each other for almost a kilometer and then the stamina lost against the pain. My right leg felt like its gonna tear apart and i was limping on the treadmill. Slowed down to 3.5 but no comfort. With tears almost rolling down I call for my personal trainer for rescue! He takes charge, checks the area of pain and very calmly says "These are signs of muscles reacting to the walk. Take rest and you will be fine". And guess what, he was right! I stretched for sometime and I was just about fine.. All I need is a good night sleep and I should be all set for tomorrow

Before i sign off, 2 things to mention (reminds me of my ex-PM: He would say "2 things" and actually mention 3)..
1. If you are a good observer, you might notice that i have not accounted for 3 days (from the day i started). That was again suggested by my personal trainer to get some rest as my first walk gave me a blister on my feet!
2. My personal trainer is the guy sitting next to me right now, staring at his laptop and refreshing my blog to see if there is a new post - aka - my husband...
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