Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Never say Good BYE!...

Yesterday one of my good friends said goodbye to her job, the sangam (Our gals gang) and the city! It is sad to see somebody go, especially when you have had some very good times together. Our sangam is gonna miss her for sure! And she is gonna miss us too! Take care Ranju!

Well..her farewell actually reminded me of mine when I left my previous job. My resignation was a surprise to me! My previous company was like home. I was never out of company for a cup of coffee or just a chit chat. I always had someone to drive me home (when it was late) or just check on me when I was not well. I knew almost everybody on the floor and was so easy to get things done. People knew what I was best at and I never had to prove myself on it. You may ask, if it was all rosy there.. why did u quit!?! Guess what...I dont have a convincing answer till date. (I would leave the answer for another post altogether)

The farewell from my team was just too touching and overwhelming. A huge card with zillion wishes, a beautiful watch, a good bye with the clause "come back soon!", an empty smile on my PL's face. A "Dont go" plead on my manager's face...That's when I really felt the pain of saying "good bye" to something which was almost a part of me!

But the good part is.. I just said goodbye to the Job..not the People! I still have my outings with them and keep in touch with them by all means... And I am thankful to my ex-company for not only giving me my better half for this life, but for next life too! :-))

P.S: If this one was too senti for you, let me warn you, this is just a trailer of a huge 4 hour Subhash ghai movie ;-)
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