Monday, May 11, 2009

First time as a blogger!

They say there is always a first time..your first award, your first job, your first crush, your first punishment, your first step to the kitchen (ahem...), your first bulb, your first date, your first kiss...and the "first" list goes on!!...But let me mention this first...This is the first time i have attempted to start my own blog and guess what...its my first POST!!! :))

OK..I guess as a first timer, i made my "first" impression pretty good here and I should actually move on to my blogging...

I never imagined i would name my blog "self obsession personified"..actually i didn't even imagine a blog of my own..but now that the unimaginable has already occurred..I hope i will live up to the name of the blog and make sure I have "I" mentioned enough number of times here to make sure that "I" am projecting the right amount of self obsession...

stay tuned...there is lots more of my piece of mind to be typed down :)
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