Sunday, May 17, 2009

Defective day...

Sunday, the most awaited day of the week! This is the day we choose to chill out, catch up, clean up and just do things which do not relate to work! However, that is not what actually happened to me today, and since the actual day did not match the expected day I am obliged to raise a BUG for the day! I know am being a typical QA and my developer friends who are reading this would have already lost interest in the rest of my post....well...Nothing new!! ;-) I am still gonna be a pain and a typical QA and go ahead and raise my SEV-1 bug!

Defect Title: Sunday did not go as expected
Defect Description:
Please find the steps to recreate and expected vs actual result below:
1. Have a hectic week from Monday to Friday
2. The hectic week should not only be due to work at office, but also work at home.
3. There should be atleast 1 guest visiting home for 2 days in a week
4. A 45 min walk on tread mill should be done daily
5. Saturday should be at home and atleast watched 1 movie
Sunday expected to be: Sleep more, rise late. Eat late, eat more. Pamper your feet with a nice pedicure, but dont have a bath :-). Clean up the evergrowing mess in your wardrobe. Get your torn slippers repaired. Stick the radium stars on the ceiling. Listen to music all day. Spend time with folks. Go shopping. Go to the terrace and view the world.

Actual Sunday was: Woke up early, ate early, got ready early to make sure I am on time for the cab. Went to work. Took a little less than a dozen interviews. Played 1 hour of Table tennis. Got back home in the same cab. had a walk in the clouds. ate early and now typing this!

Since the actual result is deviated from the expected result the issue has been filed.
Please call me if you have any issues in recreating the defect.

Severity: 1-Critical
Priority: 1-Critical
Assigned to: LIFE!
Status: OPEN

A little background to the above madness. I was qualifying candidates on their defect writing skills today! Hoping to get back to normal soon! ciao...
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