Thursday, May 28, 2009

Reel or Real?

He was young, he was naive, he was loving, he was brave. He loved his school days, he loved his friends, he loved his mom and he loved his life! Until somebody came home, somebody who was far from caring, somebody who gave him no love, somebody who treated him like a slave. Somebody was his Step-Mom! He longed for mother's love, he longed for his father to hear him out, he longed for peace of mind, he longed for happiness. One day when he thought he had enough of what he had, he decided to move on. He did not want to live there anymore, he wanted to live life to the fullest, he wanted to live life his way!

He was 17, he was penniless, he was a drop out from school and he had no clothing. He dared to face the world, he dared to do what he wanted to, he dared to strike out on his own! He sat in a train hungry but strong, poor but bold, lost but on the way to his destiny! That was when a wise old man spotted him. The old man was kind to him and took him home. Gave him a job, trained him, fed him, gave him shelter, made him capable, independent and self-driven. He got back his life, his love for life, his motivation to grow! He wanted to achieve more, be a BIG man, be the BEST!

Days went by, and he kept getting better. He found his better half and got married to her. She was the wise man's pet daughter. She was pretty, she was elegant, she was hyper, she was supportive. They struggled, they innovated, they did all they could to earn the buck. They made washing powders, they made leather gloves, they did all they could and all they should. They had no tv at home, they had no money for meals, but they saw every movie in town. They were satisfied with the small happiness in life and had no complains about the toil. After 6 years of wedlock, they were blessed with 2 lovely kids.

He did everything for his kids. He gave them good education, made them self dependent, made them the best kids in the family, he made them capable to live the life they wished for! He became the best dad, the best husband, the best son-in-law, the best brother-in-law, the best Kid brother..Simply the BEST!

HE is my DAD! He deserves this post and lots more. Love you dad!
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