Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A walk in the clouds..well, not literally!

Well, after my first ever post on my first ever blog i still have another "first" time experience to talk about! YES! its my FIRST WALK! A walk which started from 1.0 kmph and gradually increased to 5.0 kmph and then steadied at 4.5 kmph until it was back to 1.0 kmph. The fastest (for my standards) and the most brisk walk i have ever had till date..A walk with no scenaries, no spectators, no road side stones, no blaring horns! A walk which took me no where from where I was but i still went 3 kms further! A walk filled with fear, sweat, questions and answers. A walk with my BEST friend (no extra points for guessing the "BEST friend"...its me, myself and ME!)

If you are still scratching your head on what it was, it was "MY FIRST WALK ON THE TREAD MILL"!! YES!! I finally made it! I finally bundled up all the courage and will and stepped on to that huge instrument yesterday! Its indeed considered as one of my biggest achievements of my life. (Considering the fact that I have been planning this act for more than a year)

I am sure my friends are proud of me, so am I :) Hoping to continue this effort for more than just a day :)) Wish me luck!
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